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Sephor Giftcard

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Customer Reviews (130)

Amazon Customer

It works!!


it did the job lol


I used this card because my credit card is from the Dominican Republic and doesn't have an option to add it. Well, I was so nervous when I did this e-gift card purchase because of the bad reviews but I got my products with no major problems in Sephora.

Yolanda Alexander

It was very easy to purchase this gift card on GiftcardDiscount and I loved the fact that the gift card could be emailed to recipient.

Hieu pham

I really love getting digital gift cards because you get them instantly, which for myself like many other people out there is important

Patricia Keenan

Delivery near 5 mins,very easy to use it, not need to print


I love this place.

George Baratta

It’s easy to use.

Brittany soileau

Easy to use.

Barnnette J.

Yes I like the product

Ashley Riner

I get this for my sister every year, she loves it

Dawn Jensen

Great way to send birthday wishes from your home


It was easy to use, it was international and modern - just for Y & me!

Rhonda Davis

Sent card to my friend who tried to use it online & was told card wasn’t valid. Very mad as I have gotten cards before with no problem. I don’t have money to replace it either. Total crap! Thieves!


I can only respond in saying that it was an easy process to order, pay, and send the gift card. That is from the sender's point of view and cannot say anything more beyond that. I did receive a "thank you" from the receiver, so I can only assume the

Jake Taylor

Wanted to send my wife something nice and after a few years of failed attempts to get her nice tech, I finally realized I was neglecting what she really wants! Snagged the gift card and she received it within minutes!FYI - you can schedule this as well


Great gift idea!

nicole ortiz

Easy yo buy, great gift for someone that loves skincare and makeup!


Person recieved in about 6 hours. But I think it was because of the amount.


Muy fácil y con muchas opciones

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

When you purchase a digital gift card on GiftcardDiscount, you will receive the gift card code directly by email. After purchasing, you can also view all your previous purchases by mail..

How fast will I get my gift card?

Most orders will be approved and sent within a few minutes of your purchase..

How do I pay?

GiftcardDiscount only accept Bitcoin and Usdt for payment..


Once we receive your order a staff member will begin the processing immediately. After we have approved your purchase, you will be emailed a high resolution scanned image of your gift card and then you can immediately redeem in your cart section on and get access to all the products included in their catalogue!

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