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Veneisha Morris



I received my gift card in 10mins


Received it in my inbox within minutes and easy to use. Trustworthy and fast company this is my 4th gift card bought from them.

Calin Thomas

Just what it said. Grear

Patrick Hengy

Easy. Email comes quick. No hassle




Happy with this. Last a while. Easy to use.


I have a disability & needed to resend the code 3 worked EACH TIME!

kenny l. mckinney

easy to order and give.

Rhonda Jackson

Used it as a 🎁 gift 🎁!!! They loved 🥰 it!!!


Wow! This is my first time buying a gift card online so I thought the card was going to ship to me. I got it in my email instead and it was surprising how quick this purchase was. I love this!

Angela ferreira

Excelente . Ahora tengo muchísima memoria en mi gmail y google drive

Christopher kirk

just bought a gift card for my wife. so she could buy a few bundle for her game. Purchase went thru just fine . just got a call from amazon checking to see if i bought the gift card and if the amount was correct . Makes me feel safe if they are monitorin


You get what you paid for.




Recharge game

Barron Sopchak

I purchased 3 of these, they were unable to be redeemed and Google won't tell me why. They're non-refundable so the money is just gone.




Perfect way to gift when apart or pushed for time! Easy to use!

Stephanie Thurlow

Only took minutes to receive

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When you purchase a digital gift card on GiftcardDiscount, you will receive the gift card code directly by email. After purchasing, you can also view all your previous purchases by mail..

How fast will I get my gift card?

Most orders will be approved and sent within a few minutes of your purchase..

How do I pay?

GiftcardDiscount only accept Bitcoin and Usdt for payment..


We make it easy to download music, movies, games and apps outside of the United States from the US Google Play store. They also offer up to 20,000-song storage on their cloud servers free of charge with your Google Play account.

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