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Got my PSN Codes... Thank You so Much!!


Very fast and working key at 1st attempt...Tanks


I''ve received the code 10 seconds after the payment, amazing!


Superior service! Code received 5 minutes after payment!!


That was amazing! Got my codes in like 15 seconds after I paid! Thanks guys!


super fast delivery as always - many thanks


Excellent! In less than five minutes I had the psn card, 100% recommended and will soon make another purchase! Greetings from Argentina.


I purchased several orders for PSN cards with an excellent service and excellent prices I will recommend these guys to my buddies!


I bought this one and US$50 PSN both arrives perfect and very fast on my e-mail, no problem with my card like other places. Great service keep this way. I''m coming back for more... :)

Jeffrey Curran

Cheap, fast, and cards worked very nice


Awesome! I''m from the Philippines and the code (hi-res scan) was sent in just 21 mins. Very convenient


Fast Delivery. Great!


Great service! Bought 3 times already (UK and US PSN). I just hope they offer Singaporean PSN Cards soon!


After payment confirmation, the code was delievered super fast. Working perfectly at PS store. Recommended.


It arrives within 5mins in email so you can refill your PlayStation balance so best way to put more money into your PlayStation account

Oswaldo Ramirez

Quick easy to buy and they were used without any problem, i love GcDiscount.


Trusted seller I would always choose 1st to obtain a Live Gold subscription.


Instant delivery of code!thank you!


Get your code in your email seconds after purchase...

Roberto Saenz


Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

When you purchase a digital gift card on GiftcardDiscount, you will receive the gift card code directly by email. After purchasing, you can also view all your previous purchases by mail..

How fast will I get my gift card?

Most orders will be approved and sent within a few minutes of your purchase..

How do I pay?

GiftcardDiscount only accept Bitcoin and Usdt for payment..


In addition to saving money, you also get access to games that are only available in the United States. Don’t worry about making trips to the store to buy the game, you can conveniently use a US PSN gift card to purchase your game and download it directly to your console. Explore thousands of newly available games in the US PSN Store today!

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