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OMG that''s pretty cool, everything works well,thank you so much

From Product Usa-Amazon Giftcard


It tooks exactly 49minute. less than 1 hour. thanks! I actually bought 500$ card.

From Product Vanilla Giftcard


great job! fast delivery email codes!

From Product USA-iTunes GC


First time buying here on cardscodes. Bought 2 cards, 50 + 50 ... In 40 min they sent me the codes Trusted service Thanks

From Product USA-Razer gold pin Giftcard


Great. This is my first purchase from this site..I was afraid first to buy but after reviewing and searching on google I have found that seller is genuine. I have received in 20mins code after I have paid...

From Product EUROPE-Steam Giftcard


Was skeptical at first, but in the end this is trustworthy. Will do business again.

From Product Vanilla Giftcard


Excelente! super rapido y confiable! sin dudas seguire comprando!! muchas gracias!!

From Product EUROPE-Amazon Giftcard


Ive been using giftcardssupplier for over a year now and have made 100+ purchases, more than 1000$ dollars in total. All konds of things, itunes , playstation , game subscriptions and a lot of other stuff, never had any problems!! I love them

From Product USA-Google Play



This site is perfect! Exactly what I wanted within minutes of purchase. I urge people to use this site. It''s legit and works like a dream

From Product UK-Amazon Giftcard


Awesome! I''m from the Philippines and the code (hi-res scan) was sent in just 21 mins. Very convenient

From Product USA-PSN Giftcard


Very good! Fast and honest. Recommend.

From Product USA-Razer gold pin Giftcard


just 30 seconds wait for my code, %200 Best!!!

From Product USA-Steam Giftcard


Gracias! rapido y efectivo! thanks!

From Product EUROPE-Amazon Giftcard


very good got my card quick

From Product Vanilla Giftcard


Bought 2 cards and it works got them about in hour Very fast and they worked well!! Thanks!!

From Product Vanilla Giftcard


Worked like a charm. 15min after the payment I received the code. +++++

From Product Sephor Giftcard


Super fast! In 5 minutes I already had the code! I recomend this to all xbox users

From Product USA-Xbox Giftcard


Thank you,40 min and i got the code! Will be buying here again.

From Product UK-iTunes GC


such a great service. got the key i paid for, it was delivered pretty fast, and its working. nice job!

From Product Usa-Amazon Giftcard


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